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September 2013


September 1
  • Start of Wiki Loves Monuments Mexico
September 3
  • Interview to Carmen Alcázar in radio show Sonic Boom 90.9 in Ibero 90.9 FM about Wiki Loves Monuments
September 4
  • Meeting with Alejandro Becerril of Carl Zeiss México to get an sponsorship for Wiki Loves Monuments.
September 5
  • Talk "My first steps in photograph I" as part of Wiki Loves Monuments Maxico 2013. Telmex Hub.
September 7
  • First tour and picture hunt in Mexico city as part of Wiki Loves Monuments México 2013.
September 11
  • Talk as an introduction about Wikimedia, Wikipedia, WikiLovesMonuments and Creative Commons at the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) Iztapalapa Campus, within "A week on electrical engineering", organized by the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Department of Basic Sciences and Engineerings (Nohemi Supra, Christian Cariño, Gilberto Cruz Santaella and Rodolfo Galicia)
September 13
  • Trip to Tamazunchale, state of San Luis Potosí, to offer a talk about Wikireaders and Wikipedia at a junior high school on the mountain. (The intense rainy season made it impossible to offer the talk, which is to be offered on a new date in October 2013.)
September 21
  • Broadcast number 15 of Möebius radio project: "Murió la música/The music is dead".
    • Photograph trip in Guadalajara
    • Edit-a-thon "culturalibre@barrio.merced: Construcción Colectiva del Wiki del Centro Cultural Casa Talavera/Collective construction of Cultural Center Casa Talavera's wiki" (jointly organized by Wikimedia México (Gustavo Sandoval) and the Autonomous University of Mexico City's Cultural Center Casa Talavera, located within la Merced neighborhood (Historical Center, Mexico City) (included: edit-a-thon, photograph rally to contribute images to both Casa Talavera's archives and to WLM, as well as the celebratio of the World Free Software Day): it was a very interesting meeting where photographers, Wikipedians, artists working at Casa Talavera and other people interested in the administration of web pages and web radio broadcast were working together to create Centro Cultural Casa Talavera's Wikipedia article, as well as many other articles about la Merced neighborhood, a very ancient area in Mexico City where many types of commercial activities exist over 700 years ago. Also, many photographs were taken about these activities. Deep reflections were made about copyright and copyleft during the session, considering the difficulties faced by photographers during both this specific session and WLM in general to obtain images of historical monuments.
    • Panel "Una apropiación monumental/A monumental appropriation", Chopo University Museum
September 23
  • Evaluation meeting of WikiLovesMonuments/Fotofestín staff
September 27
  • Short trip (Alan Gustavo Lazalde and Gustavo Sandoval) to the city of Villahermosa, capital city of the state of Tabasco, Mexico, to offer a talk to Pemex Exploración y Producción (PEP) about Wikipedia, Wikimedia México, the wiki code, copyright, copyleft, different types of licenses, the possibility of Wikimedia México offering assessment to PEP about PEP's wiki page to be used as a tool for internal diffusion of technical knowledge)
September 28
  • Second photography tour in Mexico City for Wiki Loves Monuments.
  • Second photography tour in the city of Puebla for Wiki Loves Monuments.

Activities in Puebla[editar]

  • September 2
    • Meeting with professor Sergio García to implement an educational program at UDLAP and the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala (UAT)
  • September 4 and 6
    • Wikipedia edition workshop for students taking the "Introduction to nanotechnology" course at UDLAP
  • September 6
    • Scheduling semestral activities with UDLAP

First day with simultaneous activities[editar]

September 21 was the first day several simultaneous activities were made within the Wikimedia movement in three cities of Mexico:

  • Edit-a-thon/photo rally/celebration of World Free Software Day at UACM's Cultural Center Casa Talavera
  • Reflection panel at UNAM's University Museum of Chopo
  • Photograph tours in the city of Puebla

Wiki Loves Monuments 2013[editar]

Wiki Loves Monuments México ended with a total of 6,479 images contributed by almost 629 male and female photographers, competing with images showing a great panoramic view of the national monuments. In addition to the experience in the contest, this represented several achievements for Wikimedia México:

  • The contest represented an additional experience through the organization of workshops (one of them sponsored by Fundación Pedro Meyer) and seven photowalks (two of them in Mexico City, four in the city of Puebla, one in the city of Guadalajara). About 150 participants attended these tours. In Mexico City, several attendants asked to participate during 2014 in addition to WLM, which will be organized.
  • In order to make reflections about free culture in Mexico, WLM invited on September 21 six activists and researchers of free culture and the architectural heritage to a panel: Enrique César, Ulises Kentros, Alan Lazalde, Mayra Mendoza, Irene Soria and Eneas de Troya. This panel was organized at UNAM's Chopo University Museum. A general status of free culture in Mexico was raised, the concept of monument was questioned, and notions such as virtual monument on the web were even included. Other reflections were made about the value of sharing the artistic work and how it is possible to generate profitability and digital altruism models by means of free licenses such as Creative Commons. The need was established to continue these reflections during 2014.

Media coverage[editar]

  • Mexico was one of the countries about which the highest number of mentions were made in the media, including one during two minutes at the morning news program which is the most viewed in the country (as well as the most read blog in the country).
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  • For this issue of the contest, the communities of Mexico City, Puebla and Guadalajara are bigger, including new male and female volunteers, who will continue working for the continuous activities of Wikimedia Mexico.
  • As per Wikimedia Foundation's request made by Asaf Bartov, Wikimedia México is documenting processes and actions by means of the tools most used by the Wikimedia movement. The contest was the opportunity to practice these methods. All activities are described in this wiki.