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Septiembre 2015
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September 2
  • Meeting with Nelson Carro at National Film Archives (Cineteca Nacional), for the Second Editathon "Wiki Loves Cinema".
September 3
  • Salvador Alcantar's participation at Instituto Electoral y de Participación Ciudadana de Jalisco panel about Social Networks and Citizen Participation.
  • Beggining of the #JuevesWiki initiative.
September 7
  • Transmission of Möebius radio show: "From soap To Edgar Allan Poe"
September 9
  • Meeting with Italia Amaro of Televisión Educativa. Planning about the chapter participation at "La Aventura de Aprender" TV series.
September 10
  • Primer Editatón WikiUNAM editathon following meeting
September 14
  • Wiki Loves Monuments, start of the contest
September 21
  • Scouting at UNAM Convention Center for #EditatónUNAM editathon
September 23
  • Primer Editatón WikiUNAM editathon following meeting
September 24
  • Primer Editatón WikiUNAM (First WikiUNAM Editathon).
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September 25
  • Meeting with Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Geografía e Informática (INEGI) Board to present GLAM initiatives.
September 26
  • Wiki Loves Monuments photowalk in Aguascalientes city, Aguascalientes.
  • Wikipedia Monthly Workshop at TelmexHub, Mexico City.
September 27
  • Wiki Loves Monuments photowalk in Aguascalientes city, Aguascalientes.
September 28
  • Transmission of Möebius radio show: "From Maximiliano to 1985 Mexico City Earthquake"
September 30
  • Meeting with Patronato Arte Contemporáneo to present GLAM initiatives


Foto grupal del evento.
First WikiUNAM Editathon

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM, in Spanish) is Latin America's largest public university. It has a centuries-old history and great worldwide prestige.

Wikimedia Mexico since 2011 has searched and developed Wikimedia projects with several faculties of the university. Having great success with Faculty of Philosophy and Literature[1] on the implementation of the Wikipedia Education Program.

Finally in 2015 the chapter took the leap from individual work to a full and more ambitious relationship with the university faculties. The First WikiUNAM Editathon was the first activity that officially opened this new relationship.

The event was lead by Coordinación de Educación Abierta y a Distancia (CUAED, in Spanish) and was held at UNAM Convention Center with the attendance of 219 persons at the venue and 199 online, including students and teachers but many researchers which produced 75 new articles in Spanish Wikipedia and made a total of 1154 editions to 6 different Wikimedia projects.

=> Read the Metrics and Event full report