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January 2014


Joined with Wikimedia Argentina and supported by Wikimedia Iberocoop, we launch a social media and traditional media campaign to celebrate the 13th Wikipedia anniversary in past January 15th. The documentation of such campaign was written down in Meta Wiki.

The activities of Wikimedia Mexico in this project was:

  • Coordination of strategy with Wikimedia Argentina
  • Drafting, publishing and content replication during January 15.
  • Design of pics that were posted during the day.
  • Monitoring the stream of Facebook and Twitter.
  • Sending of media releases and PR campaign with the media to disseminate information.
  • Organization of two simultaneous tweets (Shout-a-tweet)

Achievements include:

  • 288k impressions of the #GraciasWikipedia hashtag.
  • According to TrendMap, near to the noon, the hashtag #GraciasWikipedia was a trend in Mexico.

Designed pics for the day

January 23

Meeting with Amoxcalli UAM Iztapalapa. Read the note (spanish).

January 25

Broadcast of Moebius 90.9 14/01 "Blue monday" aired in 90.9 of FM and ibero909fm.

January 31

UNAM teachers at the end of the workshop

Workshop with the the teachers Iván Salgado, José Francisco Barrón, Adriana Álvarez y Oscar Santana, members of the Wikipedia Education Program in the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras of UNAM. During the workshop was solved specific questions about the editing process in Wikipedia, was reviewed the progress of the activities carried out during the semester 2014-1 and teachers was upload their courses through the Education module in Spanish Wikipedia.

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