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October 2013

October 1
  • Meeting with members of free software lab of the "Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla" (Puebla's university) to organize a Wikimedia Hackathon.
October 2
  • Meeting with "La Casa del Mendrugo" galery in Puebla to organize an edit-a-thon in 2014. Activity of Wikipedists in Puebla.
October 3
  • Talk "Una traducción que circula por la izquierda: l@s wikitraductor@s [A translation circulating by the left: the wikitranslators]", by Gustavo Sandoval Kingwergs (certified English-Spanish-English translator and vicepresident at Wikimedia México) within the XXII International Meeting of Literary Translators, jointly organized by El Colegio de México, UNAM's Department of Literature, UNAM's School of Philosophy and Literature, UNAM's Center of Foreign Language Teaching and the French Embassy in Mexico (through the French Institute of Latin America).
  • Wikipedia workshop. Class of the teacher Sergio Reyes in the magister of Modern Languages and Discourse Studies of the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala. Wikipedists in Puebla.
October 4
  • Meeting with Rajaa Noauli, representative of "Puebla Capital del Diseño" [1], to agree the participation of WMMX in the 4th Edit-a-thon in the city of Puebla during the "Puebla Design Fest". Wikipedists in Puebla.
  • Meeting with people interested in host an edit-a-thon in Tlaxcala (2014). Wikipedists in Puebla.
  • Presentation of Pepe Flores on behalf of WMMX in the forum "Ciberactivismo y Democracia Digital" ("Ciberactivism and Digital Democracy"). ITESM CCM University. Talking about the WMMX's projects in Puebla. Wikipedists in Puebla.
October 9
  • WikiWars contest in the Faculty of Engineering of the UNAM leaded by Gustavo Sandoval.
October 12-15
October 15
  • Meeting with the Board of the Humanist School Alfonso Reyes in San Pedro Cholula, Puebla proposing monthly Wikipedia workshops to teachers. Wikipedists in Puebla.
October 19
  • Assessment of Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 photographs. TELMEXhub. Mexico city.
  • Talk "Wikipedia en la universidad" ("Wikipedia in the university") by Pepe Flores, as part of the conference "Wikipedia en el aula" ("Wikipedia in the classroom") in Guayaquil, Colombia.
  • Talk and workshop. Fifth Congress of Education “Hay Talento 2013". Bécalos Program and Televisa Foundation.
October 23
    • Talk about volunteering to interns of the Center of Technology and inovation of Grupo Carso, Mexico city.
October 24
  • Talk in the congress: "PUNTO Y COMA. Congreso Universitario de Tecnologías SAIC 2013" in the auditorium Javier Barros Sierra in the Faculty of Engineering of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.
  • Meeting with Dr. Miguel Ángel Méndez about applying Wikipedia Education Program in the UDLAP. Wikipedists in Puebla.
October 25
  • Talk about Wikipedia in the "Software Freedom Day 2013" in the Superior School of Computer Sciences of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional. Mexico city.
October 28
  • Talk about Wikipedia in "Open Source Land" held in the Instituto Tecnológico de Tláhuac, Mexico city.
  • Second Wikipedia workshop to students of the Universidad de las Américas Puebla. Wikipedists in Puebla.
  • First meeting of the community of wikipedists in Puebla.


Iberoconf 2013[editar]

Photograph of the attendees.

Since 2011, the representatives of the chapters and working groups from the countries of Latin America, Spain and Italy (Iberocoop), have held an annual meeting to talk about the local projects, interchange experiences and better practices, and develop the Wikimedia movement goals in their own languages. This year Wikimedia Mexico hosted the event in Mexico City, with the attendance of 15 representatives of chapters and working groups. Besides this year were invited Patricio Lorente and Maria Sefiradi as Board members representatives, Asaf Bartov and Jessie Wild from the staff of the Wikimedia Foundation and Kira Kraemer from the Chapters Dialogue project. Also, in this time, it was possible for remote members to watch the sessions by streaming.

During this talks and work sessions the Iberocoop members took important decisions to improve the internal practices of every chapter and group. Among other decisions, Ibercoop agreed:

  • To share and develop better practices on planning and growth of every chapter and group.
  • To include metrics as part of the evaluation of their programs.
  • To create "Iberotec", as technical instance of Iberocoop to assist this group in their own languages.
  • To have a coordinator who drives the projects and keeps motivation. Carmen Alcazar from WMMX was elected as such.
  • An Admission rule to Iberocoop.
  • List of joint projects.
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Wikipedists in Puebla[editar]

This groups is being created by a group of WMMX volunteers that live in the city of Puebla wich is capital of the state of Puebla and the fourth in the ranking of most populous cities in Mexico. The main promoter is Pepe Flores who leads the efforts and keep communication with the rest of members of the chapter. Since a few months ago they are organizing activities in that city and by proposal of WMMX president Ivan Martinez they are considering in become an official affiliate under the User Group model. Nevertheless, they are still developing.

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