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Abril 2015
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April 6
  • Transmission of Möebius radio show: "From Jake Bugg to Galaxia Remolino".
  • Follow-up meeting with Alfonso Miranda, Director of Museo Soumaya about the Residency program at the museum
April 9
  • Online workshop about references and relevance in Wikipedia with Taichi.
April 10
April 13
  • Transmission of Möebius radio show: "From Amnistía Internacional to Güeros".
  • Meeting with the Coordinación de Universidad Abierta y Educación a Distancia (Coordination of Open University and Long Distance Education) of the UNAM, WMMX was represented by Andrés Cruz y Corro.
April 15
April 16
  • Follow-up meeting with Google Mexico
April 18
  • Wikimania 2015 Volunteer meeting and kickoff at Chapultepec Forest in Mexico City.
April 20
  • Transmission of Möebius radio shoe: "From Partido del Té To Ecodiseño".
April 23
  • Wikipedia editing workshop at the Colegio Benavente, in Puebla, given by Pepe Flores.
  • WMMX participation at "Chicas en las TIC" (Women in IT) at the Telmex Hub. WMMX was represented by Carmen Alcázar.
April 24
  • Participation of Andrés Cruz y Corro at the Free Software Installation Festival (FLISoL) in Ciudad Madero.
April 25
  • Monthly Wikipedia editing workshop at the Telmex Hub, as part of the "Women in Technology" forum
  • Participation of Omar Sandoval at the FLISoL in the Technological Institute of Toluca.
April 27
  • Transmission of Möebius radio show: "From Piñericosas to antropofagia".
April 28
  • Participation of Laura González at the Annual Encounter of the American Alliance of Museums in Atlanta. Subject "The Museo Soumaya and Wikimedia Alliance: Open Knowledge".
April 29
  • Participation of Christian Cariño at Innovación y Tendencias en TIC ITTI 2015 in Guadalajara, Jalisco.