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Activities of Wikimedia México during August 2013.


  • Workshop: Introduction to Wikipedia.
  • Talk: "Wikipedia o el valor del conocimiento libre" ("Wikipedia or the free knowledge value") by Iván Martínez.
  • Edit-a-thon.
  • Wikiwars contest.
  • Wikitattoos application and Wikipedia stickers gifted.
  • August 3th.
  • Ninth broadcast of Möebius: "From Asimov to Radiohead".
  • Presentation about Indigenous Languages by Iván Martínez joined Carlos Colina from Wikimedia Venezuela (Iberocoop initative).
  • Participation in working table about Wiki Loves Monuments by Carmen Alcázar.
  • Participation in meetings of Affiliations Committee by Salvador Alcántar.
  • Participation in Iberocoop's work meeting.
  • August 10th.
  • Tenth broadcast of Möebius: "Helter Skelter".
  • First informative meeting of Wiki Loves Monuments, conduced by Ariana Oropeza and Claudio Briones in Mexico City.
  • August 17th.
  • Second informative meeting of Wiki Loves Monuments, conduced by Ariana Oropeza and Claudio Briones in Mexico City.
  • Eleventh broadcast of Möebius: "We are not specials".
  • August 19th.
  • Meeting with our partner fotofestín to prepare the first Wiki Loves Monuments volunteers meeting.
  • August 20th.
  • Press conference in Puebla city on Third Puebla's Edith-a-ton in Profética. Casa de la Lectura by José Flores y Eduardo Vallejo from Wikipedistas en Puebla.
  • August 23th.
  • Meeting with "Museo Universitario del Chopo" to agree sponsorships for Wiki Loves Monuments and other activities in 2014.
  • August 24th.
  • Third informative meeting for Wiki Loves Monuments volunteers, in Distrito Federal.
  • Wiki Loves Monuments volunteers meeting in Guadalajara.
  • Broadcast of Möebius. Replay of "Helter skelter".
  • August 26th.
  • Radio interview about Wiki Loves Monuments Mexico in the program "La Enredadera" in 105.7 FM
  • Internal working meeting to determine the communication strategy for Wiki Loves Monuments.
  • August 27th.
  • Press conference and presentation of Wiki Loves Monuments Mexico 2013 in Telmex Hub.
  • August 29th.
  • August 31th.
  • Training meeting of Wiki Loves Monuments volunteers.
  • Third edit-a-thon in Puebla.
  • Twelfth brodcast of Möebius: "Correos no pedidos" (Mails don't requested)

Campus Party 2013

Wikitattoo in Campus Party 2013.

Campus Party is the most important technology festival and geek meeting in Mexico. This year was held in Expo Bancomer Santa Fe from July 30th to August 4th. It was the first participation of WMMX in the event invited directly by the organizer team. 7 volunteers of our chapter take part as staff in the WMMX stand and organizing activities.

During the event Ivan Martínez president of WMMX gave a talk to promote Wikimedia values before more than 80 persons. And edit-a-thon was run during 7 hours (from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Mexico's hour) teaching the use of Wikipedia and generating content for spanish Wikipedia. A contest of "Wikiwars" was organized. Besides during all event we gifted more than 100 Wikipedia stickers and made "Wikitattoos" with deleable ink. Our presence in social web was really important using the hashtags #CPMX4, #AmoWikipedia and #EditatónCampusero.

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Wikimania 2013

Presentation about indigenous languages in Wikimania 2013.

Three of our volunteers and board members goes this year in Hong Kong to attend to Wikimania 2013 where they learned from the experience of other chapters and shared their own. Iván Martínez made a presentation about indigenous languages called Challenges and needs for developing content in Indigenous Languages in Wikimedia projects joined with Carlos Colina from WMVE (Iberocoop initiative). Carmen Alcazar join the WLM panel organized by Lodewijk Gelauff and Monica Mora. Finally Salvador Alcántar was active as Affiliations Committee member. WMMX was part of the Iberocoop stand in tha Chapters village and with the rest of Iberocoop representatives held a working meeting.

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Moebius (transliteration of Möbius) is a recent project of WMMX launched in june of this year. It's a radio program produced with Ibero 90.9 FM, a station from Universidad Iberoamericana and transmited to all Mexico City every saturday morning. In the current month were broadcasted four new programs and one was replayed. Untill now we have developed 12 weekly shows. This project was mentioned as one of the coolest projects in the presentation of Nicole Ebber and Lodewijk Gelauff in Wikimania 2013.

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Volunteers of WLM at session.

Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 preparation


During last days of july we made a public call to volunteers to join in the organization of Wiki Loves Monuments this year. As results of this we receive applications from more than 30 persons. With this volunteers we are organizing the most important activities of this year for WLM. Was needed to train this people in Wikimedia Commons working, WLM rules and social media, for this reason we held some meetings with them to create a team for the future work expected because of WLM. 4 sessions were done in this month. There are working teams in the cities of Mexico city, Guadalajara, Puebla and Mérida.

Third Edit-a-thon in Puebla

Last attendees to Puebla's edit-a-thon.

The wikimedians community in the city of Puebla is growing and they are interesed in doing more activities. For that reason they organized their third edit-a-thon to get more people to their movement and explain to people how Wikipedia works. During the edit-a-thon was given to talks by Iván Martínez and Salvador Alcántar about Wikipedia, the first, and about Creative Commons Licenses, the last. The topic of the Edit-a-thon was "Mexican contemporary literature", for that reason were organized two panels: one with writers who talked about their relationship and how they get inspired by Wikipedia and a second with the same topic but in this case with journalists.

The edit-a-thon was run during an entirely day in which we have around 35 persons

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